Broke + Savvy: Your Guide To Budget Airlines

A lot of people shy away from budget airlines because of the lack of luxuries in comparison to other airlines. What are budget airlines? Budget airlines provide low-cost airfare but charge for or lack "luxuries" such as food, luggage, and on-board entertainment. My first trip on a budget airline was this summer to Europe and these are the tricks I've learned.

Download Netflix shows and movies.

Download that show you've been binge watching or that movie you've been dying to watch. With Netflix, you can only download if you're on wi-fi, so make sure to do it in the airport terminal or before you leave home.

Pack light. Avoid costs.

For shorter trips (4-5 days), try your best to pack everything into a backpack that can be counted as a hand luggage.

Buy food before getting on the plane or before getting to the airport AND pack snacks!

You'll be stuck paying for overpriced food that ain't so good.

Pack light going to your destination. If necessary, pay only for a carry-on coming back.

This way, you're only paying for that luggage one-way. Usually, what I do is find the cutest cheapest bag that's big enough to fit all of my excess stuff in.

Bring portable charger on the plane.

Just in case your plane doesn't have outlets, or the outlets don't work.

Pack a book or crossword puzzled, even coloring books.

Keep the mind occupied. If you're not used to long-haul flights, you could lose your mind.

Bring blanket, socks, and/or pillow.

I NEVER leave home without my blanket and a nice pair of cozy socks. Planes can get cold and you can get uncomfortable being cramped in your seat. These make for the perfect comfy flight. And if you're one of those people who hate people seeing you sleep, you can pull your face under your blanket.

Purchase your carry-on baggage or checked baggage BEFORE you get to the airport. Either while booking your ticket, or during your online check-in.

This is to avoid hiked prices. It's about a good $20-$30 extra if you pay at the ticketing counter. Usually the cheapest option is to pay for your luggage when booking your ticket. Most budget airlines refer to it as an "add-on".

Expect delays!

Most, if not ALL, budget airlines are known for their delays. If you expect delays, you won't be bummed about how you had a horrible trip because of your delay. Expect the worst and when it's not that bad, you'd be more satisfied.

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