Honolulu: An American Paradise

Updated: May 17

Honolulu, located on the island of Oahu, is agreed upon by the Natives to be the best Hawaiian Island for tourists. With its nature, water sports, shopping, and great food, Honolulu is a must on your bucket list. The residents are very friendly, helpful, and ready to share their culture.

Of the two volcanoes that formed Oahu, Diamond Head is the most popular. It stands prominently on the island. We suggest hiking to the top! Diamond Head can be seen from Waikiki Beach and many other locations on the island. So, if you're not into hiking, you can still get your perfect travel photo op.

Clear, light blue and warm waters, make the beaches in Honolulu exceptional. There’s a perfect combination of mild waters as well as waves for surfers. Waikiki Beach stretches from Diamond Head and extends along the Hawaiian beachfront hotels. There are many water activities to indulge in – surfing, catamarans, and canoeing. Try something new and check out canoe surfing, which can only be found in Hawaii. Once you've got your fix of Waikiki Beach, head over to Lanikai Beach to skip the crowd. Though it is much smaller than Waikiki and secluded, the scenery remains beautiful.

Diamond Head State Monument Honolulu Hawaii

Looking for great dining in Honolulu? About a mile away from Lanikai Beach is Buzz’s restaurant, an exceptional steak and seafood house. This is a popular restaurant in Honolulu. Everyone wants to see what all of "the buzz" is about, so reservations are recommended.

You can't visit Hawaii without going to a Hawaiian luau! While not on the beach, The Chief’s Luau is a waterfront luau with an ocean view as the backdrop as you look onto the stage, watching performances. The Chief is an official Hawaiian Chief (rulers of the island), who shares his stories about the early beginnings of Hawaii and how he and his family settled on the islands. Fun fact, not all luau dancers are Hawaiian. There are Tahitians, New Zealanders and other Pacific Islanders. And let's not leave out the fire dancers. They add even more excitement to the performance.

If you're looking to be adventurous, take a hike in the rainforest. No matter your skill level, there are trail options for you. The rainforest is very scenic. Take in the views and don't forget to take some pictures! The waterfall is a great viewpoint for photos. Keep in mind that it is a rainforest, so rain is likely. You can bring a poncho or purchase one from the store at the entrance of the rainforest.

Honolulu Beach Hawaii
  • Ground Transportation, take Speedi-Shuttle for airport transportation. It’s approximately $15 to most Waikiki hotels.

  • At the time this blog is written, neither Uber nor Lyft are authorized for pick-up at the Honolulu airport, but you can use them to get around anywhere else in town.

  • Uber or Lyft is sometimes cheaper overall than Honolulu car rentals.

  • Honolulu hotel parking can be expensive; some hotels charge as much as $30 per day.

  • There are no large dogs on the island. It’s said that if you happen to see a large dog, be on alert. There are no snakes on the island either.

For more fun things to do in Honolulu, check out Let's Roam's Ultimate Guide to Things to Do In Honolulu. Be sure to share your Honolulu vacation photos with Eternal. Tag us in your photos using #EternalTravel or @eternaltravelboutique. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest for posts of more travel inspiration, photos and travel essentials.

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