Holiday Gift Guide

We all have that someone thats ALWAYS on the go. Maybe you have a girl’s trip or a brocation coming up in 2020. Here’s a few gift ideas that every traveler needs, wants and shouldn’t go without.

Spongelle’s Infused Body Buffers are reusable and good for 14+ washes, making them perfect for 7 and 10-day itineraries. They also smell AMAZING! We’re in-stock on the Freesia Pear scent.

We can’t stop ourselves from doing our business, but we can stop the smell from getting out of hand. These travel-sized gems fro Poo-Pourri are perfect for having to “do the deed” while traveling.’s 12-Month Annual Planner is great for the person who always has a trip planned. Being able to seeing their itinerary and dates of travel relieves so much stress, especially when there are trips lined up back-to-back.

Just about anything from Happy Spritz. Their essential oil wipes are great for rejuvenating after being on the road. Bonus: All of their products can go in a carry-on for in-flight touchups.

With a great travel tumbler/mug, these cute Kusmi Tea tin cans are adorable and extremely convenient. Avoiding up-charged coffee and tea in the airport, train station, or on the plane is key for saving money while the road. Just add hot water.

Just about ANYTHING from Lou & Grey. With cozy & functional clothing and accessories, Lou & Grey is the traveler’s dream store.

Though the gift-giving season has passed, it’s never too late to show someone you’re thinking of them. These are our top picks for gift-giving for those with the travel bug. These gifts are great to give for any time of the year.

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