This Bar In Berlin Serves Bottomless Wine For 2 Euro!

Updated: Feb 27

In the city that defines "cool", there are numerous must-visit places in Berlin. From the rich European history that lies within the cobblestone that fills the city streets to the remarkable architectural design of the buildings, Berlin is a must on your list. Looking for something cool and inconspicuous to do while in Berlin? For merely pocket change, Weinerie Forum is the place for you. The wine bar can be found in Berlin’s Mitte area and serves bottomless wine all night for just €2.

Image c/o: Artem Kovalyov on Google

The concept is that you pay €2 at the bar when you walk in. That’s roughly $2.50, more or less. Help yourself to a glass and choose from a selection of 5 white wines and 5 red wines. You can keep coming back for more wine all night. At the end, pay what you think the service was worth. Since you’re only paying about $2.30, try to leave a generous tip. In addition, you can find a small selection of food served. For example, a large pot of pasta, salad and bread. However, you shouldn’t expect to find top shelf wines and penne alla bolognese prepared by a chef. You get what you pay for, but for €2 it’s a pretty sweet spot to visit.

Image c/o: Stefan Meyer on Google

Weinerie Forum has a very cool and comfortable atmosphere. It’s very under-the-radar, so you’re not running into a tourist convention. You’ll want to stay here all night. The bar does close at midnight and they are very good at closing right on time. So, get there early for a pregame or spend your time there for the night. Although we can't travel to Berlin right now, you'll want to add this to your list while you're planning for future vacations.

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