4 Ways to Maximize the Use Of Your Turkish Towel

Updated: Feb 24

El Matador State Park Beach California

The vibrant colors of Turkish towels will attract you, but the versatility of Turkish towels will totally win you over! It’s amazing how one item can be used for so many things. Here are four ways that you can maximize the use of a Turkish towel.

Beach towel

Throw a Turkish towel in your duffle bag, beach bag or backpack and you're all set for a perfect beach day.


Use your Turkish towel as a scarf. A colorful Turkish towel will be sure to catch your co-workers attention when you’re walking through the office.


Wrap your Turkish towel over your shoulders and down your back to keep warm on date night when the weather is cool.

Throw blanket

Grab your Turkish towel and use it as a throw while snuggling up for a Netflix & Chill night in.

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