Everything You Need to Know for Your Winter Road Trip

Updated: 4 days ago

Winter driving can add new elements to your road travel such as snow, ice and road closures. In addition, driving conditions can vary depending on the geographic region you’re traveling in. Here are some thing you should know before you head out.

  • A four wheel drive vehicle with all season tires is best; however a front wheel drive may also be an option. Whichever you choose, having tire chains is a good idea and are actually required in some mountainous regions.

  • Even if you’re used to driving in snowy regions, snowy mountainous driving is a different experience due to slopes and how quickly weather conditions can change. Take your time, drive slow and keep an eye out for ice or black ice.

  • Accelerate and brake slowly; no matter what happens, do not slam your brakes when driving on snow or ice. This can cause your vehicle to enter a dangerous skid.

  • If your vehicle does end up in a skid, don’t panic. Turn your wheel in the direction that the tail end of your car is going. For example, if the back end of your car is spinning to the right, turn your steering wheel to the right. If your car has an economy mode, turn it off to assist with keeping skidding to a minimum.

  • Keep a car emergency kit in your trunk. Your emergency kit should include rock salt and/or kitty litter to help dig yourself out if you get stuck, a small shovel, a snow brush, warm blankets, pillows and a flashlight. Keep in mind, if you get stuck in a remote area, it can take days for assistance to arrive.

  • Having a roadside assistance plan to help with towing, battery service, flat tire repair, lock out and even fuel delivery is a good bet. You'll want to stick to major roadways whenever possible. They are typically kept clean and monitored by highway patrol which will come in handy if you do get stranded.

A winter road trip can be an awesome adventure. Seeing fresh snow on open fields, buildings and other landscapes can be breathtaking. But be safe while doing so. Planning is vital to winter road trips. Winter is not a time to wing it. If possible, try to take your trip when temperatures are above freezing.

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