Summer Weekend Road Trip Packing Guide

Struggling with cabin fever? Want to get away but afraid to fly? Take a road trip and discover new, beautiful places that are right in your backyard. We've curated a guide of must-haves for a summer weekend road trip. This guide will help you start packing.

Here's what to pack for a weekend road trip!

Summer Road Trip Packing Guide

Travel Bags

Duffle Bag

The Talking Out of Turn Duffle Bag is perfect for quick trips. It's the perfect size to fit everything you need and avoid overpacking. The canvas material makes this travel bag great for stuffing in those last minute items.

Shopper Tote

What's a road trip without snacks?! Take our reusable tote with you, to load with snacks and food for the road. This foldable tote that fits in your back pocket, makes shopping around and picking up souvenirs easy and hassle-free.


Easy Tee + Breezy Pants

A pair of linen pants and an easy tee are the perfect pair. Keep cool and comfortable while driving in the heat for hours.

One & Done

My favorite travel buddies! One-and-dones reduce space in your bag and allow you to worry less about pairing your tops and bottoms when packing. I love the Sedona Jumpsuit and the Summer Days Romper. They are lightweight, cute, and super packable!


Heading to a National Park or planning to get in a morning jog on your micro-getaway? Pack a pair of biker shorts and an easy tee. Going on vacation doesn't mean you need to neglect your normal health routine. Plus, getting out and jogging or going for a walk can give you the opportunity to find a great, hidden cafe that you would have never found on Google. Maybe you will stumble upon the best view you've ever seen.


Travel Tumbler

Keep your drink cold (or hot) while on the road. This 16oz lightweight tumbler will keep you hydrated for miles.

Sun Hat

A great sun hat is not only essential, but incredibly stylish. Try this natural straw boater hat from Asos.


Pack a pair of polarized glasses with UV protection for your eyes. These Ray-Bans are a staple!

Sandals + Sneakers

Pack a pair of cute and comfortable sandals for light itinerary days. Bring along a comfortable sneaker that pairs well with everything in you bag for more action-packed days and to wear while in the car. I love packing my SUAVS. The Zilker sneakers are lightweight and breathable.

Wherever you go, share your photos with us, in the comments below and on Instagram or Facebook. We love seeing where you go with Eternal.

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