5 Questions To Ask Before Booking Your Holiday Vacation

Updated: Feb 27

Athens, Greece Kings Theater Christmas Lights
King's Theater in Athens, Greece during Christmas time.

Going somewhere? Us, too! Here are 5 questions to ask yourself, the airline, the hotel, or your travel agent before you book a vacation this holiday season.

What is the most up-to-date corona case count?

When planning your next vacation destination, you want to know what the current status of coronavirus cases is. If the number is high compared to other destinations, you may want to reconsider. No destination is more important than your health.

Is this a popular city for travel during this season? Can I get away from the crowd?

In addition, professionals suggest avoiding large crowds to minimize your risk of COVID-19 exposure. Try choosing a destination that isn’t popular for the dates you‘re choosing. For example, you may want to skip big cities like New York for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Flights and the city may be crowded.

Are you still blocking the middle seat?

Ask airlines are they blocking the middle seat. Check what others are saying. Many people have gotten onto flights where the middle seat was not empty, despite the airline saying so. Having the middle seat blocked give you some distance between you and other passengers on the plane or train.

What are the local restaurant & store safety protocols?

Once you’ve decided on a destination, if you plan to have dinners out, check local restaurant websites or give them a call and ask what their safety protocols are. Be sure that you’re comfortable with this. You can always choose to have meals to-go during your vacation.

What is the refund policy?

As we’ve experienced earlier this year, nothing is guaranteed. A trip you booked months in advanced can be canceled the day before you’re set to leave. Make sure that your hotel, Airbnb, flight, rental car, and all other reservations are refundable or can be rebooked in the case that things get cancelled. Book the non-refundable package or get travel insurance.

Practice safety protocols always and think of others around you when you’re traveling.

Let us know what your plans are for the holidays and how you plan to stay safe?

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